Savusauna, the Finnish old days smoke sauna – Pihapiiri ennen osa 11

One example of Finnish saunas is a smoke sauna.  I’ll let you know and show with that videoclip under how to heat the Finnish old days smoke sauna?

I have got the model to my ”3D saunawork” from the smoke sauna, which is preloaded in Finnish Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia in Seinäjoki. That saunamodel has stoneheater, stone stove, without chimney. In general man heat and burned stove stones by firewood. That time in the past they had no electricity nor gas to use.

Interior pic of the old days smoke sauna.
Interior of the saunaroom’s ”stone pile heater, ”kiuas” ”kivikasalämmitin” in finnish, works without chimney. That heater is displayed above pic. The stones are heated in firewood fire and smoke spreads into the sauna room.

How to heat the Finnish old days smoke sauna?

Before man will go to ”smoke sauna” and bath, it must be warmed, heated up by fire. Man heat the stone heater by woodfire. Because there is no chimney, the smoke spreads everywhere in the sauna room. The smoke goes out of the holes in the end wall and open door. Smoke soot catches also the wall.


Interior of the dressing room.
Indoor picture of the old days smoke saunaroom. In front there are wash basins and on the back of the stone stove and on the right side stepladders to benches.

It takes about 4-6 hours as sauna is enough warm and the smoke has gone away. When man goes bath to sauna there is no fire and smoke inside. Man throw water as he wants on the hot stones. Steam of the stone stove is soft and comfortable. ”That is the case where smoke sauna is better than any other sauna types”, some people say.

To get sauna steam man can throw water from below or from here, the top into a rocky rock .

Finally, it is good to remember that it is not advisable to lean on the wall, especially when nobody has washed the walls before bathing.

Here is link to youtube videoclip, which I have made: ”Heating the Finnish old days smoke sauna”


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©Jari J Tuomisto

Savusauna, the Finnish old days smoke sauna – Pihapiiri ennen osa 11


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